See what our students and parents have to say!


“I think Jon is a great teacher. He is very organized, patient, and helpful. He’s always on time and prepared, even when I’m not. Professionalism is key when teaching students, and I think Jon does that with a fun twist.”
-Student Alison

“I’ve been very pleased with Jon’s guitar lessons for my eleven year old.  He’s very organized, and I can count on him completely.  He has really thought through everything that needs to be done to be a good music teacher–from the music side to the pedagogy side to the business side.  Most importantly, my daughter looks forward to her guitar lessons with Jon, she’s grown as a musician, and she’s been inspired to practice regularly.”
-Parent Laura

“I would like to recommend Jon Dufore, my daughter’s music instructor, for any future
lessons you may be considering. Jon has been instructing my 14 year old daughter in
guitar, and l could not ask for a more compassionate, knowledgeable instructor!
Jon’s flexible schedule and payment plans are more than we can ask for. He always goes
above and beyond to make sure we are accommodated on every level of instruction. He
not only is patient and humorous with the students, but also incorporates the parent into
the lesson plan and provides great feedback. He is honest and sincere in his approach to
teaching and it is very pronounced through his instruction his passion for music.”
-Parent Brenda

“I definitely recommend Jon as a music instructor.  He teaches my son guitar, and he is organized, flexible and professional.  He is also patient with a pre-teen, which isn’t always easy!  Most importantly, Jon has a comprehensive knowledge of guitar, and he keeps his lessons fresh and interesting by incorporating my son’s interests.  My son looks forward to his lessons, which I think says a lot about an instructor.”
-Parent Jennifer

“If you’re looking to further your music education and musical experience, Jon Dufore is a great choice. Jon is exceptionally talented, and presents in a way that makes learning fun and interesting. His way with a guitar would make anyone long to be better. When you see what’s possible, it makes you want to learn and practice. He’s one exceptional instructor. Highly recomended!!!”
-Student Wayne

“If you are looking for music lessons for your child, look no further!  Jon has been patiently teaching drum lessons to my son, who just turned five, for most of the past year.  Many may think music lessons for a child that young would be silly and would have limited long-term impact. However, I think that the individualized approach Jon takes with our son is perfect!  He has learned so much and loves to demonstrate his skills.  My son even listens to music differently after having lessons – always listening carefully for the drum beats.  He looks forward to Jon’s arrival (always prompt!) each week.  Jon is always very professional and FUN!”
-Parent Michelle

“Jon is an amazing guitar teacher.  He makes the learning fun.  He is always organized, prepared, and always a few minutes early.  I highly recommend him for a fun learning experience.”
-Student Grace