Our Philosophy

Our philosophy here at Musical Way Academy breaks down into two interwoven ideas.

There is The Why and The Way.


What was your reason for starting to play and learn music?  Maybe it was a song that moves you.  Maybe it was seeing a video of Jimi Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock.  Maybe it is seeing your family or friends playing.  Whichever reason, The Why is the driving force behind your musical desires.  The Why is the reason you picked up your instrument and have dedicated so much time to learning.  It is the reason you are here now looking at private lessons.


The word “Way” means an open process or method for obtaining a goal.

For Musical Way Academy, our goal is to create an engaging educational setting that allows our students to learn music in a way that is most rewarding to them.

How does this work?

The Way can be broken into tangible steps or processes.

Our instructors develop a personalized lesson plan for you based on your own goals.

We use proven learning methods such as goal setting and lesson journaling to track constant improvement.

We also highly encourage participation in our various performance opportunities, giving our students a fun way to showcase their hard work and also giving them the confidence in their abilities.


As mentioned above, these two concepts are interwoven and move in a circular fashion.  The Why is what drives you to learn an instrument.  Once we’ve worked together to accomplish certain musical goals (The Way), this should inspire you even more, leading to a greater musical desire, and back to The Why.  This will push you to work even harder to obtain these new goals (The Way).