Student Band Program

Our Student Band Program is designed to get students playing with other musicians in a band setting.  We want students to learn how to work together as a group, improve communication on ideas, run efficient rehearsals, and manage a song catalog while learning new tunes.

Check out the Live In The Studio videos we shot at the end of our SUMMER 2016 program in this playlist:

Summer 2017 Program

Duration: This year’s program will be run more like a camp, meeting every day.  We feel that this will give the students a more rewarding experience as they will be able to accomplish more than a more drawn out program.

Sunday 6/25/17 – Saturday 7/1/17
12pm – 2pm each day

Section 1: Direct Instruction

Organization and Music Choices
Description: Meeting as a group, describing everyone’s musical interests, picking songs, organization, what do you hope to gain from this program?

Assignment: Review the list of songs and pick your top 3.  Songs with the most votes will be chosen first.

Parts and Charts
Description: Organizing roles/parts within the band for each song, creating and managing charts.

Assignment: Organize the songs and start learning your parts.

Running A Rehearsal
Description: Discussing the Musical Director role, how to optimize rehearsal time, working together as a band.

Assignment: Continue to practice your parts.

Expanding Your Rep
Description: Adding songs to your current rep, maintaining rehearsal rotation while learning new songs.

Assignment: Review songs to be added and start learning them.

Section 2: Guided Rehearsals

Students will work with each other to run their rehearsals, putting into practice all the knowledge acquired from Section 1.  Instructors will be there to observe and guide the students.

Section 3: Live In The Studio

Our Last Day: Live performance of the band’s songs in the studio with full video recording!


Registration Information

Registration Fee: $160/student

Registration Due Date: Sunday June 18th

To Register: Registration Form

**In the event that we have a lot of students register, we may have more than one band.